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The Plan for this page is to have all of my normal weather checking sites info on one page for ease of access on a powder morning or slow day at work. For the ski season I typically use stevenspass home page, WaDOT pass report, NWAvalanch center, and National Weather Service pages. on less often basis I also use WaDOT bridge (intown) info and the marine forcast to help get my butt up to the mountains and compare local vs. wide scope forcasts... Side by side comparason would be nice without having 6 tabs open.

The layout of all this information has yet to be determained as 1. my webdesign skills are low. 2. (related to 1) I don't know how refering to other web pages for specific numbers will work. Like temperature values if they are manually entered verses an automatic update; I just don't know

Okay, lets get started

Stevens Web Cams:

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