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I Cannot SPELL well at all. So please ignore errors in both grammar and spelling until this page starts looking like an actual page. Thanks.

I am looking to someday understand how html and other web design/programing works. This is going to be a long work in progress but hopefully it will work in the end. I am currently working on HTML, CSS, and PHP; the PHP being added the most recently, its not being used to a large extent yet, just as a way to keep up with a tool bar through the include function.

I am currently studying under W3 Schools, they seem to be pretty knowledgeable and easy to follow. Since this is all about learning how to program / webdesign code I am not using any helpers like wordpress at this time; everything is produced by me however slow that may be.

This site is prone to having links that do not work because of my learning process and lack of planning far as site maintenance and progress are concerned. Luckily there isn't anything on here of any importance on here.

P.S. here is the Competition, who can learn this silly web HTML thing first!